Challenge Your Talent

A design and a vote can change everything.

Share your design for the Challenge

Prepare your 3d design suitable for the competition theme and participate in the challenge!

Make sure the design gets a lot of votes

Everyone has a different number of votes, but can vote up to 10. Make sure you get your fans moving!

Win prizes and sell them as NFTs!

The designs with the most votes win a cash prize and get a chance to sell their design as NFT.

Review the designs and spot the potential winner

Your game is very valuable. It also has cash value. Review the designs and decide which design deserves to win.

Show up every day and gain the right to vote

This is not a one-time election, come back and vote for new designs every day to get new votes.

Vote and become a partner in NFTs

If the NFT you voted for lands on the top-chart, congratulations: you've been part of a success. You own as many shares as you vote.


Upload your design for the challenge, and share it on social media

Get the prize if your design is in the top 3

If it enters the top chart, sell it on the marketplace

Get eligible for the final challenge

Sign up via SMS verification

Connect your Seedify account and get more votes

Gain new voting rights by logging in daily

Vote for designs and get a share


Designers will add their profile information after signing up to the website with email verification. When uploading their designs for the challenge from the upload design section of the challenge, it indicates whether the design will be sold as nft and if so, how many ETH it will be sold for. Once the design is approved, the designer just needs to share it on their social media and network to get more votes and encourage them to vote for the design. The 3 people with the most votes will win a prize, while XYZ people will get the right to convert their design to nft and participate in the final challenge.

  • A user who wants to vote will sign up to the website via e-mail and SMS verifications.
  • If they login via seedify and have a tier in seedify, they can get a chance to have more voting rights
  • Earns the right to vote on regular logins even without a Seedify account
  • Every vote won will be deleted after 1 week
  • A design can receive a minimum of 1 vote and a maximum of 10 votes

Anyone who has reached the age of 18 as of xx.yy.2022 can participate in the contest as a designer or voter. Designers participate via e-mail verification, while voters must be verified via both email and SMS. Designers can start voting via SMS verification.